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Welcome, Uma! 

I'm excited to welcome a first intern to the practice with me! 
Uma is an exceptionally motivated student from Northern Virginia, currently studying in New York. She's excited to learn and hopes to work with kids and explore a mental health private practice after her graduate program. 

About Uma 

Uma Gupta is currently serving as an intern at Melanie Froemke’s private practice. She is a rising undergraduate third year student at New York University (NYU), pursuing a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology with minors in both Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Anthropology. Uma is passionate about mental health and holistic approaches. As a dedicated, engaged, and motivated student, Uma is dedicated to contributing research and analytical skills to assist as possible. Uma’s goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of others through compassionate, effective, and affordable psychological care.

Interested in an Internship? 

I'm always looking for opportunities to help mentor, lead, continue to learn & grow with emerging mental health professionals. For me, it's a way to give to those who will give and serve in the future, as more quality mental health professionals are so needed in our world.

Let's connect.


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