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Clinical Knowledge, Professional Development, & Support

Virginia Board Approved Supervision

I am currently a Virginia-Approved Clinical Supervisor and a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor.™ I am listed on the Board of Social Work supervisor registry.

I am expanding to provide contract employment, office space and supervision. I currently have room for Virginia-based supervisees who would like to provide licensure and/or Play Therapy credentialing. 

Please contact me for individual and/or group supervision options.

I am passionate about working with kids, working across the lifespan, providing a safe and accepting space to understand the client's experience with diversity/neurodivergence, working with trauma, and developing a space for therapists to grow, develop clinically, feel supported in community and ongoing development in a way that supports the therapists' well-being, growth, and financial stability. 

Additionally, if you're an intern looking for opportunities to learn and grow, I'm happy to serve as a supervisor, and passionate about developing programs to support you and your needs. 

Image of Melanie Froemke smiling on couch with therapy dogs.
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